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  • We have been introducing the world to Korean traditional cultural items like Korean tradition paper, food, clothing, painting, crafts, and music. On top of that, we have taken lead as cultural ambassadors for the cultural exchange of Korean Culture and World's Cultures through the events in which a number of the diplomats in Korea participate.

    We have organized international cultural exchange events by virtue of our close ties with some 100 Embassies in Korea for over 10 years.

    We are taking the lead in the field of the cultural exchange by letting the people of the world know the depth of the Korean culture and tourism resources through diplomats, international reporters, and other visitors in Korea, as well as in cooperation with other representative cultural organizations from all over the world.

    We will do our best to contribute to the development of the Korean tourism industry alongside state and local governments through the world-class festivals to attract foreign tourists.

Thank you.